Monday, February 10, 2014

Sewing notions

How do you store all of your sewing notions? Do you just have them in a box? Do you only buy what you need? I always seem to have a few hanging around and I wanted to have somewhere to store them that was functional and creative. 

If you read my last blog post I also had a few pattern pieces left over that weren't complete or were leftovers and I don't like to waste anything! So I bought a box from Ikea and this is what I came up with:

I ripped some of the pattern pieces up and left some whole and then began mod podging in layers. It turned out really stinking cute and now I have this awesome box, no wasted pattern pieces, and there aren't zippers everywhere.

Follow my blog to see what I come up with next! You won't want to miss!

Fabric Pattern storage

This week I've been trying to figure out how to organize all the sewing patterns that always seem to be scattered everywhere ALL the time! How do they get those things back into the package after cutting them apart? Its madness. THEN what about the ones that are different sizes of packaging, or different brands? What is a girl to do? 

Look on pinterest of course. I found some interesting ideas on there but they weren't really what I was particularly looking for so I had to dig into my own creative brain and this is what I came up with:

I bought one of these (or maybe two because I have so many patterns) boxes from Staples and then I simply cut the packaging up so I can see both sides; the back has all the measurements, notions those sorts of things so had to keep that as well. I taped it onto the front of the file folders, taped up the sides of the file folder and then inserted all the pattern pieces. 
This system has worked really well for me because I can take out the pattern I need and then put it back away without needing a huge area to refold it up into that tiny envelope. 

Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for what happened to the notions I had strung everywhere and the extra pattern pieces that didn't belong to a pattern.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

So, wow what a week we have had. I apologize to all of you who are on the blog tour and there was a miss between posts. We had a terrible day yesterday and I of course waited until the last minute to put my things ups. So here are some awesome samples using the Best of February/Love sets that Stampin' Up is putting out this year for its 25th anniversary.

Again I opened this challenge up to my club members-didn't they make some awesome cards? I will have some scrapbook pages up in a bit if you are so inclined to come back. Please enjoy Anna Mataschi's creations at

Saturday, February 16, 2013

 This year is the 25th Anniversary for Stampin' Up and each month they are releasing a new set of stamps called  "Best of...." There will be stamps from the past and a few new images. So this month I am part of a blog tour featuring the Best of Birthdays and there will be cards and projects featuring that stamp set. I was intimidated those since this is my first time ever doing a blog tour. As you can tell by looking at my blog, its bare-I'm hoping to build it up soon.

Anyway, at last nights club meeting I challenged all of my club members to use the stamp set and then I would add their projects to my blog items and the one above was the winner. Congratulations WW!!!

I hope you enjoy the rest of the projects--my pictures are AWFUL, but I'm also purchasing a photo box before next month to hopefully get better pictures. When you are done click the box at the bottom to visit the next stop on the blog tour!!
 This one is one of mine
 This one above was from one of my club members M.A
 The one above and below are from brand new stampers, the one below had never ever stamped a card or anything in her life! I was overwhelmed with the number of people at my house so I did not have much time to help her-didn't she do a good job for her first effort!

 This card was the 2nd place recipient in our contest-I LOVE this one, but was not the one doing the judging. Good job S.D

 Finally the scrapbook page above is one of my creations-I hope to each month add a scrapbook page because that is really where my passion is. This is just a single layout but next month will be a double 12x12 layout so see you all next month. Hope you enjoyed!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Reindeer Jelly Beans

Not sure which member of the crew this is.. Maybe Olive? The other Reindeer?

Candy Bellies!

Another fun treat for the holidays! ALMOST too cute to eat! Almost....:)

Holiday Sweet Treat Keepers

Want to make something cute for your kids' classmates but don't want to break the bank? These treat keepers may not be what the Dentist ordered, but they sure are easy to make and fun for little fingers to open and enjoy!